Be Proactive this Christmas

Being newly divorced or separated means many things will be different this Christmas. If you have children, you and your (ex-)spouse will likely have to split time with them. If you don’t have children, you’ll find you have a lot more time alone than in past Christmas seasons. The key to handling all of this is to be proactive. Make a plan and stick to it. Don’t wait until the last minute to decide what you’re going to do. Don’t hope that someone calls and invites you to come over. Plan your days ahead of time so you know what to expect. This will reduce the likelihood that surprises catch you off-guard and cause emotional turmoil.

Take some time this week to sit down with trusted friends or family members and make your holiday plans. This should include everything from shopping to New Year’s activities. Go over all the details. Proverbs 15:22 tells us that “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Your closest friends and family members can help you determine if your plan is a good one. Additionally, bringing someone else into your holiday planning has the added benefit of accountability. The people who love you most will help you make wise plans—and help you stick to them.

Don’t wait. Write down your plan for this holiday - you will be glad you did!

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