Ups and Downs

Ups and downs are a normal part of recovering from the pain of divorce. You will find that some days are better than others. Everyone handles this season of life differently, and no two people’s experiences are exactly alike. Grieving a loss takes time and can be unpredictable.

When judging your progress, don’t look at anything less than a six-month time frame. During the next six months, you will experience many ups and downs, many successes and setbacks. At the end of the six months, if you are not any better (or if things have gotten worse), then you need to change the plan you are following to help yourself heal.

Whatever your plan for recovery, make sure it includes the following:

  1. Private time with God

  2. Counsel with wise friends

  3. Practical Bible teaching

  4. Ministry to others

By doing these things, you are putting yourself in a position for God to help you grow and bring healing. This does not mean healing will come overnight, or that there won’t be setbacks. The point is to have a plan, follow it, and see what God does over an extended period of time. Don’t get too caught up in the everyday ups and downs.

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