When the Kids are Away . . .

If this is the year your kids will be spending the holidays with your former spouse, you may be experiencing some stress and anxiety. So what can you do to turn this “off” year into “your” year? Here are a few suggestions for making the best of this holiday season.

Take the High Road
Your children didn’t get divorced and they very much want (and deserve) to enjoy spending time with both parents. Difficult as it may be, ask God to help you give them the gift of a “no-guilt holiday” and find ways to encourage their relationship with your ex.

Find Other Ways to Celebrate the Holiday Together
The holidays are more about being with loved ones and celebrating the season than about a particular calendar day. So if your kids will be with your ex on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, pick another day when they’ll be with you to celebrate the holiday. Make it fun and incorporate some of their favorite activities and traditions.

Take Advantage of the Free Time
Use the time apart to pamper yourself. Sleep late and treat yourself to a special meal; read a book or engage in a special hobby.

Get Together With Friends
Surround yourself with the company and comfort of others. Get together with some friends or your extended family. Invite friends over for dessert and coffee or go see a movie together.

Count Your Blessings; Serve Others
Take time to reflect on all the blessings in your life (kids, health, family, friends). Reach out to help others who may be less fortunate and facing even greater challenges than you are. Visit the Be Rich website for a wealth of opportunities to volunteer your time, treasures, and talents.

May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant. (Psalm 119:76 NIV)

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