The Power of Sharing (With the Right People)

No one really wants to talk about his or her divorce or separation. Don’t get me wrong; we might want to vent, seek validation, or be consoled by a good friend, but deep down inside we probably don’t want to talk about it. That’s why for some, the idea of going to a group like Oasis might seem less than appealing. Why would you want to come and open up to a bunch of people you’ve never met before? Well, here’s the thing: when you step into a group, you realize you’re not alone in your situation. You gain insight from others and they from you. You meet with the same 8–10 people every week who know where you are and really “get it.” Because our groups are confidential, because we don’t allow new people to enter the group, and because these are people who are, more or less, where you are, you’ll find a level of trust and understanding that friends and family just can’t provide.

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