New Traditions

From the time we are children, we learn to love the “sameness” of the holidays; that is, family traditions we repeat every year that uniquely mark the holiday season. We anticipate treasured family traditions such as decorating the tree, preparing the Christmas meal, visiting family and friends, and checking out holiday light displays. In the midst of separation or divorce, however, it can seem as though these traditions are lost.

Though you may not do the same things you’ve always done with your spouse, this season is an opportune time to create some brand new holiday traditions. If you’re a single parent, why not connect with other single parents in your area? Get the kids together to make a special Christmas craft or bake cookies and deliver them to a nursing home. You could attend a musical or theatrical event or a holiday lights display together and take advantage of available group discounts. Another idea is to contact a church or non-profit and ask how you can serve someone else during the holiday season. Shelters, nursing homes, hospitals, and community charities are great places to serve, either individually or with a group. Make activities like these your new holiday traditions and plan ahead of time, to involve friends and family.

While our traditions may change, God’s love never does. It is always unconditional and pure. God’s love for you is eternal; he will never leave you!

The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged." (Deuteronomy 31:8) 

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