New Priorities

It may be necessary to reorder your priorities this holiday season. And if you’re facing the holidays as a single parent for the first time, this will be more important than ever.

Decide ahead of time what is most important to you; then commit to making those things priorities. Spending time with the kids, taking care of your health, staying within your budget, and reflecting on God are all examples of things you might prioritize. For example, if you have children, and time with them is a priority, you might choose to skip a Christmas party and do something with them instead. You might also decide to do some of your shopping online rather than finding a sitter while you shop the malls.

Chances are, you’re on a tighter-than-usual budget this year, and so finances may be another important priority. You’ll need to develop a budget and set a limit for how much you want to spend—then stick with it. Instead of buying gifts, consider giving baked goods and/or handmade crafts with a special note in a Christmas card. Make the time you spend with your children the priority. Don’t be afraid to say no to activities and demands that are unnecessary or beyond your capacity to handle.

Finally, be sure to make time with God a priority. When you wake up each morning, ask him for the strength and comfort to walk through the day. As you reflect on the memories of past Christmas seasons when you were with your spouse, ask God to help you focus on the blessings of this season rather than on the losses. Ask Him to be your comfort, your keeper, your refuge, and your hope.

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